An artificial vagina is the name given to any device that will be used to replicate the primary sex organ of a woman. This can encompass a wide range of possible devices, from the utilization of a rolled up towel to a homemade artificial vagina to costly models sold by sex toy companies that are highly intricate and detailed. Another name that is often used to describe a fake vagina that is used as a sex toy is the name of a fleshlight and consumers looking for this type of product may find them listed under this alternate name.

Most commonly, an artificial vagina will be used as a sex toy to aid in the masturbation of a man. Instead of typical male masturbation, which generally uses a hand as a representation of a female vagina, use of a fake vagina provides a user with a much closer approximation of the actual act of sexual intercourse. For this reason, it is a popular option among men looking to enhance their masturbation experience. Some models for use as a sex toy include the whole genital area, with a smaller opening to provide the same experience as anal sex.

However, a man’s masturbation is not the only use of such a device. They have also been used for medical research. Also, a fake vagina may be used to aid in breeding animals as a way to avoid injury to a valuable female specimen. This type of device is often used in the breeding of horses as the reproductive value of a horse may be very high and an injury could prove to be very costly. In operation, the male animal would deposit sperm into the fake vagina, from which it would be transferred to the female by means of artificial insemination.

There are many variations that can be found with this type of device. Some will have a form of lubrication to closer approximate the feel of a real vagina. Others may have a heating element to further the similarities with the real female sex organ. Another feature that is used to enhance the feel of these devices is the insertion of a vibrating egg to add extra stimulation to the masturbation of a man. The highest quality of realistic vaginas, and most expensive, sometimes use a famous adult movie actress as a model and will be complete with a fake pubic bone, labia, and pubic hair. Japanese versions of the fake vagina, commonly known as Onacups, are quite popular and are sold as a one-use disposable item with lubrication included in the package.

A prime indicator of the quality of an artificial vagina for men will be the material that is used in the device’s construction. While a cheaper model will often feature rigid plastic, higher quality fake vaginas will have either rubber or another softer material, such as silicone, involved in the construction. The best models often incorporate a material known as cyberskin, to provide the most realistic experience. This material is a combination of PVC and silicone and is often a patented substance. This cyberskin, or Futurotic, is quite porous and special care should be taken to clean the artificial vagina both before and after use.